Dining room space

The Restaurant: Modern And Functional Interior Is Asked

Many suggestions for architectural masterpieces are to find in the hospitality industry worldwide. Nevertheless, here other aspects play a more central role as a chic architecture. For example, an important aspect is hygiene.

Also an operation should not anywhere call in life. In the so-called building Ordinance (Ordinance), according to BmUB (Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation, construction and nuclear safety), there are regulations to find that relate to the localization of catering businesses. So a such only in industrial areas and mixed areas may be, but not opened in a pure residential area.

Hygiene in the kitchen:

A kitchen is used for commercial purposes, all areas must be kept always in immaculate condition. This, it brings nothing to bring the in-house secondary fridge for the planned trade. Rather, special provider are available for the perfect kitchen. So ALL PAX as a specialized provider of online places its focus, to offer elements that meet the requirements of the hospitality industry. So, for example, the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces must be quick and easy. Especially surfaces which come into contact with foodstuffs, such as work tables or drip systems, must be made of non-toxic, smooth and easy-to-clean materials.

The storage of food requires special cooling and freezing devices equipped with equally special thermometers. And this is enough, since certain foods may not be stored.

For example, vegetables with meat in the same storage unit should be stored

The temperature must be checked once a day in all refrigeration and kitchen equipment, and it can be documented. Hand sink must have a functioning cold and hot water supply, as well as hygienic detergent for the washing and drying of hands. Washbasins for cleaning of food must be separated clearly from the hand basin.

Work and casual clothes should be stored in a separate room - also the changing facilities must strictly be separated from the kitchen. Additional premises are needed.

In addition, regulatory requirements call for sufficient ventilation of catering kitchens - it is artificial or natural. In any case, the risk of contamination of the air must be excluded entirely. Any frying, roasting and cooking areas should ideally have a separate air vent.

From the kitchen to the Servery

Much like in the kitchen, separate sink must be present in the output pane. These are to split into wash basin and wash sink and also to provide the appropriate hygiene means. The ready-prepared dishes are basically from unwanted to protect external influences. According to the Federal Association of the German hotel certification , the guests of a catering establishment must be informed without being asked since December 2014 about allergens in their food.

The operators is even recommended that you directly into the menu to integrate the collection of allergens

Today's society is generally enlightened than ever when it comes to healthy eating.

In the age of "Green Smoothies" and "Veganism" grows the demand for a healthy and appealing concoction in the local restaurant. The Ministry has lobbied for food and agriculture for the implementation of an initiative, which provides for the reduction of dangerous trans fats. So, an excessive consumption of these fats can pose a high anfalls-of stroke and heart attack risk.

Sanitary facilities

The sanitary facilities for personnel should strictly by guest toilets are separated.

Also, staff toilets may not be in the immediate vicinity of the premises where food is stored or prepared. The hand washing for guests must always be equipped with cold and hot water of drinking water quality, as well as with adequate hygiene resources for hand washing and drying.

Hygiene and ergonomics are big here

Checklists to prevent further sources of error

Own restaurant service is new, it is advisable to create a detailed checklist in advance according to hotelier . To create often as annoying modeled, they are still the appropriate tool to avoid errors in the long term. This is especially of advantage, if new staff must be incorporated within the framework of plant growth. Important facts such as jurisdiction and responsibilities, work instructions, disposal plans or even production volumes are at all times. These are already regularly queried by the competent authorities.

Ultimately, it is in the hand of every aspiring restaurant owner, how the dream of the captive facility becomes a reality. The related bureaucracy appears a the or certainly as initially hard rock solid hurdle - a large part of these obligations and the appropriate homework but once done, others so a wide range of possibilities for the introduction of innovative catering concepts can open up in fact.

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